Saturday, December 8, 2012


What an awkward situation. A man was waiting in a busy airport
and, being hungry, bought a bag of doughnuts. He found a table, placed
the bag on the table, but then decided he also needed something to drink.The man returned to the counter, purchased a drink, and came
back to his table, only to find another traveler seated there.

The food court was busy, and so he was happy to share the table. 
The man reached his hand into the bag of doughnuts and began to
eat. The newcomer looked up, smiled, and helped himself to one of the
doughnuts from the bag. Our traveler could hardly believe his eyes.
Here was a complete stranger helping himself without even asking.
He gave him a withering look and went back to reading the newspaper.

A little while later he took another doughnut. The other man did too.
The first man was about to say something, but he was interrupted by a
boarding call, at which the rude visitor jumped up. But before leaving, he
reached into the bag again. He took out the final doughnut, broke it in
half, and left the stunned man with a smile and the last doughnut half.
Remaining at the table, the man marveled at the boldness of his fellow
A short time later his flight was called. He picked up his coat, under
which was a small bag. It was a bag of doughnuts. It was his bag of
doughnuts. He realized that the man he had accused of eating his
doughnuts was innocent. Our traveler had been helping himself to the
other man’s dougnuts........ What would have happened if he had said something...???

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