Sunday, January 20, 2013

Traveling Make Your Life Healthier

Many people have significant reservations about leaving home for a trip to someplace new. They lose sight of the fact that travel can be, and usually is, a very healthy activity. The excitement and anticipation of preparing for a trip can be a euphoric experience, reducing stress levels even before you start out on your journey.

Traveling provides incredible opportunities for adventure, discovery and fun. Sometimes fulfilling a long-held dream. When we visit other regions or countries, we gain a better understanding of the people living there. Vacations can energize us as we slip away from our normal life… a nice respite from our regular routine. Traveling increases our knowledge and broadens our perspective. Traveling can be a uniquely healthy activity, and here are several benefits of traveling:

Traveling opens doors for you to experience and even appreciate different cultures and lifestyles. Being immersed in a new locale will put your life in perspective, as you discover new sights, sounds and aromas. Visit strange and exotic places; discovering new people, plants and animals. Opening your eyes to how the rest of the world lives.

Experience culinary delights that may tantalize or even shock your taste buds.

Sate Kambing

Es Teler

Nasi Bungkus

Enjoying alternative forms of entertainment that are not available in your hometown or country can make a trip worthwhile.

Traveling can be a great way to learn the basics of a foreign language from the native speakers. Learn the nuances of proper pronunciation and accent.

Since traveling involves new experiences, it can greatly enhance our ingenuity. You'll learn the different ways that people accomplish things. Giving you new ideas and many “aha” moments.

You’ll most likely make new friends and acquaintances along the way. And traveling with friends or family creates memories for a lifetime. Sharing unique experiences and pleasures with a companion strengthens the bond you share together.

There is a high probability that you’ll walk much more while traveling. Going greater distances and more often than normal.

Borobudur Temple

Take a much-needed break from the stresses of your life and rejuvenate your spirit. The stress relief benefits of traveling are amazing. Traveling frees the mind and puts the body at rest, improving your mental well-being. Relaxing at your home or enjoying a “stay-cation” is insufficient for some folks to fully unwind.

After traveling, it is highly likely that you will feel more energized to get back to work. Chronic stress is terrible for your health, and even a brief vacation can cause a noticeable drop in stress levels

Introducing children especially to a variety of destinations and cultures can help them to be better socially adjusted adolescents and adults, causing them to feel more secure in various settings.

You are more likely to be outside longer than usual…which is usually a good thing.
Technology has made traveling easier, faster and even affordable. Many places in the world are more accessible. 

Gili Trawangan - Lombok

Visit exotic new places and discover what this wonderful world has to offer.
Exotic beaches, quaint old towns, bustling cities, rain forests, and snow-capped mountains await you. Take a hike, a dive or a safari. They will deliver treasured memories to pull out and savor every so often, lasting a lifetime.

Yes, there are many healthy benefits of traveling! 

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