Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Year of Water Snake

According to Chinese Year, This year is Year of SNAKE, a water Snake.There's no real way to predicting what's going to happen in 2013, we're not Psychic after all. 

However, that doesn't mean we can't make some educated guesses on what might take place on. In general snake's are tricky a lot. If it wants to move forward it's body undulated and it's not easy to tell which direction it is going to go in, that's the same with the 2013 year. 

It is seem to go in one direction and then very unexpectedly it veer in completely another direction that's why it will be so difficult to plan for.
Those did best last year are the one's that have a natural ability to move at the pace of the Snake and who are able to navigate tricky waters.

This  like steering a ship in a storm with loads of mist, unable to see, and having to use other sense like Radar, Sound, Computer equipment and so on to get through safely.

It is a year when it's best to work with others and talk things over before starting something new. year 2013 is a year need quick maneuvers  to avoid unexpected obstacles

Be Wise and Positive when making decision in this new year, remember the Snake.

Happy New Year

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